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2009-10-25 11:52:47 by Atgod88

I added a new scene to the Restitution Preview, it is for a replacement where Jesus takes the Auditor's drink,


Been a long time since I made a post, so sorry to my single digit number of fans who occasionally scan my user page, you have generated 13 cents of ad money so thanks.

Okay, animation, but first excuses.

I have had a shitty year, I had surgery, struggle with other shit, everyday is an adventure when you have schizophrenic hallucinations and take a lethal dose of psychosomatic drugs so you don't take a paper boy hostage. Plus, on my 4 day weekend I was going to work on some animation, but despite being immune to the swine flu, I some how got a flu or a cold or something so I walk around coughing yellow shit up so I haven't made much progress with anything either.

Ok, animation

I don't know what will be done, if anything is done, it will be the little Dad joke, which manifested into a 2 minute story but then changed after MC9 came out. I hope to have Restitution done and couple it with that since it takes off of the scene where Jesus takes Auditors drink that I had in my preview.

Restitution has been written down on a thousand different pieces of paper, and all the animation I made 2 years ago is going to be scrapped, I might attach it to the preview I made. Restitution will be a lot shorter because I really just want to see how well I can make a smooth chaotic fight scene, inspired by one of my favorite scenes in the madness series, the first action scene of Madness 6. Hopefully I can copy the frantic slaughter of a lot of guys really fast in a somewhat good way.

Beyond Restitution, I really get hyped up about my original madness day project everytime I think about it, but I have yet to even start the character design process, I tried a few times and got too angry at my failures. So who knows.

I wont promise anything will get done, I just hope it will. Here is a storyboard image for the Dad movie, there will be a similar thing in the movie, I just wanted to make a nicer looking picture, if I used all the flame pieces on Dad the movie wouldn't run unless on low detail.


Some stuff


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2009-11-07 03:00:05

Well geez, you didnt have to be such a jerk about it

Atgod88 responds:

Don't worry champ, when a drunk guy makes a comment about how he has more medal points than you, you probably already won.


2009-12-31 10:37:31

I am going to ask for a shotgun and your address.

Atgod88 responds:

My cardboard box is bullet proof.