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Funny stuff, really loved the elevator gag. I have always loved goofy masking/size gags like when people emerge from behind lampposts and the elevator gag was one of the best uses of that kind of joke.

Also I recognized the bank, its a 4 person job to rob that bank.

That minigun was looking lonely.

Good job, glad to see Mr. J back and killing.

Loved how smooth this one was.

Hell of a lot more entertaining then that film. I was hoping there would be something with that crazy staple gun.

Smooth animation, I like the use of video format to make smooth edges without the framerate issues. Always enjoy your work.

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Pretty fun

I like the idea of it, the original splatterhouse games were a lot of fun just to watch. I liked the idea of how the game is controlled and your explanation of how you made it work is amazing, using only 3 common commands to make a working game is awesome. Only reason I'm not giving a ten is because after the first boss, is because of bugs, the simple code is hard to debug but it still is buggy. My main problem is after the first boss, there are a bunch of different bugs. The first bug I found is with the hanging corpses, sometimes I could kill them every time without getting hurt, but then other times I couldn't jump back to avoid being hit. The second bug was about half of the times I attempted the second segment, I got stuck on an infinite loop, never encountering a boss and usually not having any enemies to fight, just walking in place for eternity. The problem that got me to quit, whether its a bug or not, is the 2nd boss doesn't seem to respond to the mouse movements. I had the sequence figured out on how to hit him but 3 out of 4 attacks just didnt work and he hit me. There was either a very small window of time to attack or there was a bug. It wasn't consistent and got really annoying.

I really liked the game despite all this. I hope you find a company to hire you soon.

StringAnime responds:

Wow, I have had this game and played it for 4 years and never saw the infinite loop, and I have always been able to kill the Hanging guy and perfect Biggy Man. I take your word for it and I appreciate what points I got from you despite the annoying Glitches you found. Thanks.

Hurry up and take my money!

Its amazing that it takes longer to buy this game than it does to download and install it, it took less than a minute to get and launch this game. I really love these games you guys make, even if they are a little weird.

My only possible criticism, assuming the game works fine all the way through, is that while its based on a famous story, it seems less creative than Super Meat Boy, I just hope it is more forgiving. Keep making these for 5 dollars and I will continually give you my Subway lunch money, 2 meals a day is worth a couple dozen hours of fun.

Wow, never got the reference

Is it bad that it took me this long to realise who the guy in the sunglasses was supposed to be? Postal dude right?

I love the game, its a great thing you can spend hours on making something that you love, regardless of how bad it is, its yours.

I don't have a song to post though, I guess I am boring.

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Love the game

Love the theme, you seem to have it pretty much down pat so theres not much I can say. Due to my love for the old theme, maybe bringing the original beat in more and taking the remix part back, to hear the main theme, you have to take the volume up to where the remix part pounds your ears.

Good work though, I'd love to see more Vectorman remixes.

GamePak responds:

Thanks for your criticism. This is what I like, something that I can work off of. Thanks for your review as well, always good to get some feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. So, more Vectorman stuff? That can be arranged...

I liked it

It was pretty good, a very long loop which is nice because it wont get repetative.

I normally only like dnb stuff but I enjoyed this which makes it seem weird.

Great work sir.

MexicanGun responds:

Thank you, man. I'm glad to hear that you didn't find it repetitive.

Not a fan of the punk part

But still a great copy of the song and I cannot rate a copy of the best song in the world low.

You should make a faster dnb one.

giftedbuttwisted responds:

Thanks, personally I don't make DNB but I'm sure theres one on NG

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Is that Harry's face?

You can some how make your crazy animation vibe convert into still art. I automatically see this animated somehow, I love the hard color changes, very Norman Rockwell-esq, no gradients.

Don't ever stop doing what you do.

Yay first review of the art portal

Hans, I cannot get enough of your art style. I'm not good at putting pictures to words but your art seems very stylized and solid. I like the use of solid colors instead of the many different gradients and stuff, lines are solid, aren't outlined, its more cartoony which is classic in a sense.

Great job

It's been a long time.

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