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Entry #6

Uncertain futures

2010-01-22 18:13:26 by Atgod88

I don't know about animations, I will do it eventually.

All my old work sucks and is full of holes, I loaded the original Restitution.swf, it was what I was planning on working off but hadn't touched in over a year. As you can see, it is obviously unfinished and is clearly awful. The sad part is I would like to salvage some of the scenes but I didn't use any tweens so every thing was keyframed and would take 3 times longer to salvage than to just remake.

View it if you want and leave comments about your discust and or helpful criticism 0c5947f3f6f40fbfc2623c95861339

Hopefully you can load it.

I just learned that one of my cynical posts was in this movie,

its good shits so watch it.

We should do this word replacement thing more often. See Figure 11.3a

Uncertain futures


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2010-08-04 16:36:55

lol kevin bacon

(Updated ) Atgod88 responds:

I love this game.


2010-08-04 16:58:02

lol little penis

Atgod88 responds:

Quit projecting


2010-08-08 09:00:40


Atgod88 responds:

Oh yeah I remember that guy.


2010-11-27 10:28:47


Atgod88 responds:



2013-07-08 01:32:15

Hey you're still alive on here.

Atgod88 responds:

Afraid so