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Posted by Atgod88 - January 22nd, 2010

I don't know about animations, I will do it eventually.

All my old work sucks and is full of holes, I loaded the original Restitution.swf, it was what I was planning on working off but hadn't touched in over a year. As you can see, it is obviously unfinished and is clearly awful. The sad part is I would like to salvage some of the scenes but I didn't use any tweens so every thing was keyframed and would take 3 times longer to salvage than to just remake.

View it if you want and leave comments about your discust and or helpful criticism

http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/ea 0c5947f3f6f40fbfc2623c95861339

Hopefully you can load it.

I just learned that one of my cynical posts was in this movie,

its good shits so watch it.

We should do this word replacement thing more often. See Figure 11.3a

Uncertain futures

Posted by Atgod88 - October 25th, 2009

I added a new scene to the Restitution Preview, it is for a replacement where Jesus takes the Auditor's drink,


Been a long time since I made a post, so sorry to my single digit number of fans who occasionally scan my user page, you have generated 13 cents of ad money so thanks.

Okay, animation, but first excuses.

I have had a shitty year, I had surgery, struggle with other shit, everyday is an adventure when you have schizophrenic hallucinations and take a lethal dose of psychosomatic drugs so you don't take a paper boy hostage. Plus, on my 4 day weekend I was going to work on some animation, but despite being immune to the swine flu, I some how got a flu or a cold or something so I walk around coughing yellow shit up so I haven't made much progress with anything either.

Ok, animation

I don't know what will be done, if anything is done, it will be the little Dad joke, which manifested into a 2 minute story but then changed after MC9 came out. I hope to have Restitution done and couple it with that since it takes off of the scene where Jesus takes Auditors drink that I had in my preview.

Restitution has been written down on a thousand different pieces of paper, and all the animation I made 2 years ago is going to be scrapped, I might attach it to the preview I made. Restitution will be a lot shorter because I really just want to see how well I can make a smooth chaotic fight scene, inspired by one of my favorite scenes in the madness series, the first action scene of Madness 6. Hopefully I can copy the frantic slaughter of a lot of guys really fast in a somewhat good way.

Beyond Restitution, I really get hyped up about my original madness day project everytime I think about it, but I have yet to even start the character design process, I tried a few times and got too angry at my failures. So who knows.

I wont promise anything will get done, I just hope it will. Here is a storyboard image for the Dad movie, there will be a similar thing in the movie, I just wanted to make a nicer looking picture, if I used all the flame pieces on Dad the movie wouldn't run unless on low detail.


Some stuff

Posted by Atgod88 - March 18th, 2009

EDIT 10/2/09- New newspost soon probably, I have more motivation to animation, more info later.
Had to post that my voting power is 6.66 votes, excluding the B/P points.

I have not made any progress with my animations since my last post, although I have been reading and learning more about flash hopefully to make it more enjoyable when done.

I am hoping to start work on it soon when I get a few days off to sit down and focus on it. I am narrowing things down because since I made such a laundry list of things I needed to do it has kept me from starting. Instead of saying what I will do, heres what I want to do.

I want to make my original project thing, really badly so I can see what I can do with my own drawings. To ease my stress of making every single thing, I will probably use sprites for effects like blood, bullet casings, muzzle flashes, wounds, wall blood, and probably feets. I also think I am going to use the G36 that Deimos uses because Krinkels made a lot of different perspectives of the gun such as looking directly at it, several 3D angles and such that I know I cannot accomplish with my own drawings.

With my urge to make my main project, Restitution again is pushed farther back although as I get better I might like to try it if I get good at animating effects, I don't want to make it without making cool Jesus powers.

And Incorrigability is basically a project between the two.

Essentially, I hope to have my original project and the dad easter egg done for madness day. I could do that dad easter egg in about 3 days time but haven't taken the time to do so, waiting on MC9 sheets due to the plot involving Hank being revived, although written before learning of hank's new persona so I don't know what I will do there.

And next post I WILL have an image of some sort, probably either a good close up of the main character in my new thing in one of his two forms, one being all cut up and bloody or before he got all messed up. Maybe a high res wacom tablet version that in no way could be used in animation.

I want to give plot spoilers but I am also very lazy to type them out and everything is very tentative but as stated before, the song Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya will be in there, probably from both Drop Kick Murphey's and maybe a little bit of the old traditional version.


Had to name the main character Johnny to match the song and what happens to Johnny. I think his last name will be Blitz, because it subtly relates to his fate if I continue the flash with the other half I would like to do.

Anyone who can think of a cool last name for a russian antagonist please put in comments, I am running out of thought and am about to rip off Max Payne for sentimental reasons.

I just need to focus, instead of killing these guys

Been swamped.

Posted by Atgod88 - October 3rd, 2008

New post soon, I just got a silver whistle.


Madness Day 09 Movie
[X] Create .fla
[ ] Create Cool Menu
[~] Complete Secret Project
[ ] Complete Madness Incorrigability Remake
[ ] Create Dad easter egg for the late Tazers
-Madness Restitution Piece
[X] Write Script
[X] Create Storyboard
[ ] Gather Sprites
[ ] Choose Music
[ ] Create Backgrounds and all other objects needed
[ ] Animate
-New Original Plotted Project
[~] Make a name for the thing
[X] Write script
[X] Create Storyboard
[ ] Create Protagonist
[X] Name Protagonst
[ ] Create Antagonist
[~] Name Antagonist
[ ] Create Protagonist's Allies
[ ] Create Antagonist's Minions
[~] Create Backgrounds
[~] Create Objects
[X] Choose Music
[ ] Character Bios
[ ] Animate
-Dad Easter Egg
[X] Create Script
[X] Create Storyboard
[ ] Draw objects
[ ] Animate

Original Newspost
Might as well get this post out of the way so my 4 fans will know whats up with my animation.

Restitution is scrapped for now.

I want todo something original, with some of my own art, but still be madnessy.

If by the likely chance this fails I do have something I will have built for madness day 09'.

I already told Tasers I would make the little Dad joke, but I am going to actually spend some time and animate it completely, meaning feets and such.

I am also going to soon start on reanimating Madness Incorrigabiltysince I would like to compare how far I've come animating wise. (Made that entire flash with one layer because I didn't know what layers were, and every frame was keyframed because I didn't know what a tween was.

Unless something comes up this will probably by my only newspost, so keep checking it for updates.

And alas, I shall leave you with something, here is the music I am hoping to use for the opening scene for my original thingie. I know, same band as in Restitution but hey I like it. You may recognize this tune from EW: Moving Targets, where I learned of it. Thanks Edd!

/* */

Posted by Atgod88 - September 5th, 2008

I have been thinking alot lately and how I dispise animating, but more so that I my self am not animating. And as a challenge to myself, I decided to create a preview for my current madness tribute, but since I don't like cheating, I'm going to animate my own preview, which means the preview wont have any of the animation from the main video, and therefore won't give away parts from the new video.

It will be more of an introduction to the plot idea, along with some music that I enjoy, I was going to have a bit of a introduction in my main flash, but instead, I'll make a preview that I can hopefully have ready for madness day '08.

Wish me luck.

I shall add a picture later after I get a good place for a screenie of the .fla, or I come up with another witty idea for a picture.

Also, leave comments!

Posted by Atgod88 - November 8th, 2007

I feel compelled to put his here, because I got my name from a NG contributor, WX (Wei Xing). He created a flash called de_dust, which was the flash that made me get Counter-Strike, which made me a full blown addict. Well, WX made a new flash with the name de_aztec. When he made it, the flash was being hosted or something by a website called blackmaze or something, which dropped it, and it became anitude. Anyway, one of the characters in this flash was named BM God, which stood for black maze god, but BM stands for bowel movement, so i didnt like that. Soon it was switched to AT God when WX got it sponsored by Anitude. I liked AT God so that became my online name for almost every single thing i do. Sadly since then, anitude has dropped it and is now Flash deck making him FD God. I like AT God better, so i keep it AT God. My picture for almost everything is a screenshot/cropped on MS Paint picture of the Anitude logo that was used when hosting the flash. I still keep it and feel it is doing no harm and not breaking any copyrights.

*Note: I could be completely wrong about how the animation was switched between hosts, thats just the impression i got from reading all the posts and things, WX, pm me if im totally wrong.